White faux leather Ekokuir

21.60 / metre(s)


width 140 cm
100% PU
The thickness of the fabric is 0.8 mm

Good smooth white faux leather for all kinds of upholstery.

Good quality faux leather with a value of over 100,000 in Martindale.

The pilling value is on a scale of 1-5, the highest being 5. The product does not peck.

The duration of light is on a scale of 1-8, a good level, i.e. 6.

The weight of the fabric is 385g / m².

This product is suitable for upholstering furniture on the headboard as well as, for example, as a bag fabric.


Product Note Status Price
Faux leather Ekokuir Argent Faux leather Ekokuir Argent
22.80 € / m
Faux leather Ekokuir Anthracite Faux leather Ekokuir Anthracite
21.60 € / m
Faux leather Ekokuir Noir Faux leather Ekokuir Noir
21.60 € / m
Faux leather Or Faux leather Or
22.80 € / m
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