Accessories for curtains

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New Curtain tape Alto

height 70 mm

100% polyester

Transparent curtain tape where you can thread a curtain rod into the loops.


2.40 / m

Multifunction tape 70 mm

70 mm high transparent curtain multifunctional tape.The tape is 100% polyester.

You can attach either shorter or longer curtain hooks to this tape, or you can attach the curtain to the bar using the loops in the tape.

Sew the ribbon to the sides of the curtain and to the top and bottom of the ribbon.

It is a good idea to set aside a tape-high turning space under the tape.

The loops in the strap also allow you to easily cross the curtain rod brackets.

3.50 / m

Curtain hook 25 mm

25 mm high white curtain hook.

This hook is placed in a pocket in the curtain tape and then the hook is attached to the slide of the curtain rail.



1.10 / m


1.70 / m


1.70 / m


2.30 / m


0.90 / m

Support tape 100 mm Omikron

10 cm high ironing support tape. The tape is made of 100% polyester.

This tape is used under the sail rings to be placed in the curtain.

Do this:

Iron a 12 cm turn in the curtain, in which you make another 2 cm turn.

Place a 2 cm portion of the turntable under the backing tape and place the curtain tape in the turntable.

Iron gently and before ironing, make sure the fabric is flat and the fold is the right size.

After ironing, sew the tape to the sides of the curtain and to the bottom of the tape.

The tape can withstand 60 ° C washing and two-point ironing.

4.00 / m