Cars organic jersey

34.50 / metre(s)


width 165 cm
95% organic cotton
5% elastane

A fine gray shade of car-themed organic cotton jersey fabric for dressing up.

The weight of the fabric is 220g/m² and it is recommended to wash at 40 C°, one point ironing.
Tumble drying is prohibited.
The size of the garbage trucks in the fabric is about 9 x 4 cm and the size of the police car is about 3 x 6.5 cm.
This fabric has a GOTS certificate. The GOTS certificate means that at least 95% of the fiber used is organic and the water used in production must be purified after production. The use of heavy metals, formaldehyde, genetically modified organisms and nanoparticles is completely prohibited.


Product Note Status Price
Chain organic jersey Chain organic jersey
29.95 € / m
Organic Snow Forest jersey Organic Snow Forest jersey
29.50 € / m
Princess organic  jersey Princess organic jersey
34.50 € / m
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